Need help finding my fired pieces

Hi friends!

I could use your sharp eyes in finding my 2 scarffito-ed pieces.

May 3rd, I took a scraffito class at night, and made the 2 green/teal pieces in this picture (the left and right piece only). They are about 3.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide in diameter. The one on the left has some diagonal squiggly lines on teal background, and the one of the right has some tiny cacti on mountains with a teal-greenish gradient.

I’m assuming it was fired sometime in the last couple weeks. I wasn’t able to find it today on the shelves.

They might be in the kiln right now. Hopefully…but will definitely keep an eye out :+1:

Or…does Jamie keep all the things made in her class together, and then puts them on the shelf when they are dry? Maybe?

I’m unsure about the firing schedule after Jamie’s class, but thanks for keeping an eye out! I’ll check the done shelf again the next time I’m in :slight_smile:

I would ask Jamie. If she did keep all class pieces together, she might still have them.

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K so we have found them. Are these all yours? I have changed the date. If you can come move them to the firing shelf that would be awesome.

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That is awesome!!! Thanks April!

Only the 2 green ones are mine, though the other person in the class likely also assumed our pieces would get fired. I’m not able to confirm on behalf of her.

Could we move them all to bisque firing? (or I can move it myself whenever I go next, now that I know where the pieces are)

I will go later today and move them. Will find out whose the others are.
@jamierazzz can you see who was in your class so we can notify them of moving their pieces? The initials on them say “NY”

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