Need CNC Operator (wood router)


Hi, my name is Phill. Every now and then I have a small CNC project that I need to work on but I live so far from the Makerspace that I usually pay someone to cut out for me and meet them at the Makerspace. My typical help cannot assist me this year and so I was wondering if anyone was willing to let me pay them for about an hour’s work of work on the CNC machine. I’m making a storage box out of one sheet of 4x8x5/8" baltic birch plywood. It’s not an intricate design so it should go fairly fast. I’ve already got it drawn up in CAD format so I really just need someone to operate the machine for me.

If anyone is interested, please email me at:
[email protected]

Also, let me know what you typical fee is as well. Thanks everyone!




Forgot to mention, I need someone who can be up there on a weekday. Thanks.



Anybody? I could really use the help. It’s for a Christmas present.



private message sent



Hi Phil, I may be able to assist you. I will email you with my contact info so we can discuss the details over the phone to see if it is a good fit.