Need any cardboard?

Hey all, I know that cardboard can be a commodity at DMS. I have several large boxes that would yield pieces about 48x48. Although some would have creases.

If anyone wants them I can run them by the space; if not, they’re getting recycled.

Please DM me as I don’t get on talk often, but the DM’s go to my email.


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I wish we had a place to keep nice big cardboard sheets like this. They are very useful when you need a clean surface on which to paint/finish parts.


Another option for this is empty feed bags - for livestock, dogs, etc. Cut down one side and across the bottom and spread out. Typically come in multilayered paper or plastic.

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I just noticed tonight that at least one table has a new roll of butcher paper on it. This is actually the best if we can keep it stocked.