Need Aluminum Fabricator (Partner and/or Mentor) for my invention


Hi Everyone.

Just spoke with Mr. David from Dallas MakerSpace (DMS) and he advised me to reach out to the members of DMS on this Forum Topic Page.

I have a patent pending invention. I need to fabricate a prototype out of stock aluminum channels. Precise alignment holes will have to be drilled and “connector blocks” will be attached to the channels.

I have 2D engineering drawings in .dwg and .pdf formats.I also have a PowerPoint presentation that clearly illustrates the invention and the several components within it.

If there is interest in guiding me (or working with me) pls message me. Since this is an invention that I am bringing to market, the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement will be necessary.

I will be happy to make an appointment to meet at DMS and discuss your advise on fabricating with aluminum.

Best Regards

The Colony, Texas
631-294-0332 (cell)

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Edit 8/28/18

Please note that I joined DMS this evening.
I have signed up for a few classes and hopefully will meet some metal fabricators that way.


@nicksilva – he’s looking for someone to either help him do the work, or do the work for him. If you could PM him, or call him, he would be grateful.


Sorry I don’t have extra time for outside projects. I only just got my life back and trying to make headway on my own personal projects and ventures. Best of luck!


Any recommendations? He’s been a member, and would be willing to do his own work, so long as he’s got a good teacher.


Sent PM.


Does this require LabView?


No more than “one switch on the wall”.


Coded message. We never got the OP’s surname.


Failed coding class…:smirk: