Need a patch, already have art


-have solution. Thank you-
Need a 3x3ish patch. already have art. black background, white thread. happy to pay, or would love to get training, but happy to pay for product.


An embroidered patch? That you need to have art digitized? Or Dye sublimation?


I’m thinking @Hardsuit might be your best bet at the time…


If it doesn’t have to be embroidered, I’m more than happy to dye sub the patch for you - I have heavyweight material designed for this application and have made a few velcro-backed dye sub patches.


I didn’t know we could dysdub patches! I think that would work!


How durable are dye sub patches?


I’m about to head to the space to do some dye sub printing, please email your image to me and let met know what you’d like done to finish it (velcro back, in the raw, etc.)

[email protected]


So far they are proving to be durable @CaryF300 would be able to speak to longevity of dye sub items better than I could.


just emailed the pics. on my way there now.


Will you guys post a picture when it is done?
-ever curious-


Dye sub ink will gradually fade if exposed to direct sunlight, just like most thing will, but they should still last for a long time.