Need 5 pin latched connector cable

Hi. Would anyone know where I can get a 5-pin latched M/F cable like the one in the picture? I’d like to extend the cable without cutting the original wires. I think it’s a dupont connector? I’m indifferent about the wire colors. I cannot seem to find one on google. Tanner doesn’t have latched versions.

For those who also have one, it’s the signal cable for my MMU2. I want to mount it outside a Lack enclosure.

Mouser or Allied Electronics. They both have Wherehouse locally you can pick up from. One of those 2 will likely have it.

Recently just went thru that part of the manual and recognized it.

Curious to see what you modified once you’re done.

I found the part number for one end. IT’s molex 50579405

Looks like they both have them in stock

I’m pretty sure I bought a very similar cable from Tanner’s across the street from DMS.

Edit: sorry, was so excited to talk about Tanner’s I didn’t read the original post.

@malcolmputer I sent Tanner’s a pic and they said they don’t carry the version with the latch. I was really hoping to just buy one…the last thing I need to buy yet another few packages of of little connectors when I only need one or two…but crimping my own may be the solution…if you happen to notice the cable please let us know…I think several of us would like to have one.

Either Mouser or Allied you can buy just one & pick it up. The pins appear to be 70058 & they are in stock in both locations.

Also check Arrow electronics. They’ve got free shipping right now, but they’re a tad more expensive than Mouser or Digikey. Depends on how much you are buying as to what is the better deal.

I never buy from Grainger unless I absolutely have to have it that day, or I can’t find it elsewhere. They give new meaning to gross margins.

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Arrow is amazing! They might be more expensive on this part, but I consistently find them 15+% cheaper than digikey on many things. And they will ship a single $0.10 part to you overnight for free, sometimes internationally! Only downside is their ridiculously wasteful packaging methods…

P.S. is great for finding the best deal on electronic components (at least from legit distributors, they don’t include ebay, aliexpress or lcsc)

It looks like these.