Nation of Makers Core Principles

Nation of makers posted this somewhere…Instagram or something I don’t know. Took some screenshots and came across them again as I was doing my monthly photo purge. Posting them here as they might be of interest or a talking point or something to just glaze over. (upload://iRjfumoZpdR7pYFswUc3GyxcP23.png)


Hahahaha totally accidental you get an adorable picture of my son. I’ll try to erase it.

I wish I’d had these when answering the candidate questions, there was a great question about this at the end of the list. I think I covered all the points, but it would have been quicker to post these :wink:

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Oh yes, the question about how the candidates were mostly male and white, and how we can help foster more diversity. I’ve been rolling that one around in my head a few days, as it’s a great question and even if not on the board everyone is responsible for that.

These are great statements, it’s just a question of actual implementation. Our general inclusivity statements and anti-harasment policy are a good start.

Actualities of it include not only enforcing those policies, but then reaching out and trying to overcome the prejudice of certain systems and topics to trend towards certain groups of people (which affects STEM and other topics as a whole) without marginalizing or tokenizing groups of people. It’s… difficult.

I especially like the last part of the last image… extending through to education and socioeconomic class.


I’m gonna go full on fan boy here, so forgive me. You are my favorite candidate for this election.

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