"mystery" grey 5 gallon metal can with light rust on top


Last night I was at the Space doing some maintenance and forgot to load up a 5 gallon grey steel can that I use as a used oil container.
The top has a layer of surface rust on it. It has a black plastic screw on cap.
I’ll be back this evening to retrieve it.

Just wanted to let you guys know before someone else chimes in


Quick, get him on the rack and quarter him!


I was thinking a weekend “ban” errrrr vacation from automotive.


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You guys are too kind!

A tough crowd this is!
(Had I planned this, i would have the container somewhere else and not in Automotive)

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Yanno we have to hold certain people to a higher standard. For you, we need to extract a pound of flesh.

Kidding of course. Appreciate all you do for automotive and the inquisitive people in automotive.

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Thanks! Last night was another fantastic short couple of hours in automotive albeit a very short block of time. Alan Wan was in his usual jovial positive spirit and happy to help. Good times!
I wast distracted after loading the misc other items back into the car and left the can of old oil.

However I did make sure to leave the floor cleaner than I found it…


My offending used oil receptacle has been removed.

I also picked up an old milk jug from the bottom shelf facing Laser that had a few inches of used oil in it. The cap was on that jug, but the jug had a split down the side - discovered that as I poured it into my grey metal container (no thanks to you that left on the shelves though)

Also picked up the two jugs of mystery coolant/oil mix - thanks for the reminder Jim!

I checked for any other obvious used oil on or near the shelves but there wasn’t any more other than the orphaned milk jug above.


Aw man, I just grabbing my pitchfork.

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