“My White Whale” (or, a large unadorned mug slip mold)

I know at one point the space had a mold similar to the pic above, but at some point it was damaged. Lo and behold, I was in ceramics today and I noticed that someone had either repaired the mold or found a new one. A cursory search around the area did not find the mold…

So, my questions:

If repaired, is it still the space’s?

If it’s still the space’s, where does it live?

If it’s not the space’s, where did you find it and are more available for purchase?

(This is where the white whale reference is - I’ve been looking for months for a mold like this that doesn’t have holidays or gardens or bears on it - just a good sized “plain” mold).

Thank you for any help,



@TecumsehsRevenge isn’t this the mug mold you use?

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I have some plain mug molds if you can’t find it. They aren’t exactly like this though. You can also buy plain mug molds on debmark if you don’t mind waiting a month or two.


I deeply appreciate it - and I’ll check Debmark again. All I could find were small teacup sized things, but I’m sure I messed something up along the way with my search terms. :slight_smile:

Also check out Ann Originals molds. I vaguely remember some mugs there. :slight_smile:

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During clean up a few months ago it was put under the table with only one strap on it and got broken. So I took on the task of replicating it. 12 iterations later I have one successful mold and a solid mother of each half in hydro cal. Plan is to have a class using the decals like I do soon. As soon as we get some more potters plaster I can make another copy that is suitable for the space.

Also tol forgot to move that and my slip ty! I’m up there often I can show u the mold. It leaks and is not quite perfect so it’s not out.


@TecumsehsRevenge…I picked up your potters plaster and left it in ceramics area on Wednesday with your name on it. I have the receipt for you and will be in tomorrow if you are.

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