My rolling black tool box


I left it under the table in JSM when the power went out
It would have been hard to get ti it s storage spot in the dark

I will be out mid afternon at the latest on Sim

Sorry 2 old cripps like me and my hubby in the dark


I like your flashlight idea.

We need some in the shop and some up front.


Bill suggested the plug in rechargeagle ones but even somethin
like the LED ones from HF would be a uge help


They have to be ugly and ackward so people will not walk with them.


You mean these are too cute and small


Yes. So high theft.

Not too bright. Somewhat ugly. Higher shelflife at DMS.


Those are cheap and have a magnet on the back


how about something made for this type of thing?


Those are not bad. Almost ugly enough. Then we need surge protectors to keep them charged.

We should have 10 HF lights here tomorrow night. A friend picked them up for me today.


Under $20.




A couple of simple LED circuits glued to a cinderblock. [Solved]