My company is hiring SW Engineers big time


Many C++, hardware interface, real time, VC, Java, almost no Web positions.
Send resume to [email protected] and I will see if your background matches then make recommendations.



I see no mention of the company name. You may want to edit the post to include that information.



Given Yahoo’s repeated serious leaks there are no circumstances under which I would ever send my personal information to an email address under that domain.

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Recruiter alert:


You’ve been on here 3 days and would give recommendations? If I were a hiring manager, I’m not too sure that I’d give those recommendations much weight.


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@sfeng there’s an upcoming Job Fair we’re hosting. PM me so we can schedule a time to talk further about your company reserving a seat.



It was correct that I joined over the weekend and requesting some help on my pet project. In the past few days, one replied to me and we had a few email exchanges. Then, I realized his skills fit some of my company’s needs. So, I recommended through our internal system and he received invitation to apply for those positions. Our CEO asked for everyone’s help today to bring in people, especially in the software engineering area, thus this post.

If you are looking for a job and don’t want to send my your resume, you might just passed up a good chance. Of course you may look online to eventually find those. The difference is in the internal reference. Your choice.



I think your mistaking in my reply.

I’m not looking for a job or the like. I’m informing you that since your actively recruiting there is an opportunity to fill those seats with the upcoming DMS/VCC job fair. The intake process starts by emailing the committee chair to schedule a google hangout.



Sorry, I didn’t meant to reply to your post and I didn’t say I would let my HR know about the upcoming DMS/VCC job fair.



My company likes to know more about the up-coming DMS/VCC job fair. For example, date and time, location, fees, when it was held last time and how many people attended. Then, they will decide whether to send someone over.