My bad (lathe metal “stick”)

I thought this was out of the lathe when I turned it on… it wasn’t.


What do I need to do?

Edit: Never mind, this was just an apples and oranges comment. Move along.

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Ditto for Machine Shop on Spring Loaded Lathe Chuck keys. We got rid of all the non-spring ones almost two years ago. Lucky no one hurt.


Because this isn’t a spring loaded application. If you would like to meet me in the woodshop I can demonstrate the tool in question. Another great apples and oranges comment.

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I think we can straighten it. Just be careful, it is a common mistake.

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Luckily, nobody else was there. Believe me, the thought crossed my mind that this could’ve ended very badly.

Thanks, Mike.

I left it on one of the large lathes with a note.

I’ll fix it this morning.

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I’m happy no one was hurt. that would have left a mark.

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Thanks, Paul.

You’re not kidding!