Mustie1 Zoom Bottles

Continuing the discussion from 2 lawn mowers for sale/free:

He should really have a permanent link on every video to an Amazon/similar “store” for those Zoom Spout bottles. He’s probably doubled or more their sales in recent history…
This is the one that answers the Brand Name Call “Zoom Spout”, though I question whether they’re really the same item (does the spout pull out?):
(remember to go through smile to contribute to your fav. charity {subliminal}dmsdmsdms{/subliminal} if’n you’re buying here :smiley: )
Respective browser plug-ins redirect Amzn URLs to smile for your contributing pleasure:
Smile Always - Chrome Web Store (should also work on Microsoft’s “Totally Not Chrome” New Edge - directions)
Smart Amazon Smile – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

Or… at your local Ace Hardware at a surprisingly cheaper price.


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