MultiCam Zone Covers

Hey gang, Our Chief minion @artg_dms and I met at the Orange toy store yesterday morning and picked up three sheets of 5/8" MDF, 12 fender washers, along with 12 of these cabinet pulls.
Ironically these pulls were both the only ones most hands would fit under and also among the least expensive.

We will be cutting 30"x40" rectangles out of the MDF, counter sinking the backs to accommodate the the washers and screw heads, adding two of the handles to each one. We will be doing our best to place these cover handles so all members can comfortably grasp and move them.

These panels will become protective covers for the machine table when not in use along with blocking any vacuum leaks during usage in unused zones in case a vacuum valve isn’t fully closed.

If you are ever in the woodshop and notice any of our bed zones going uncovered, please grab one of these zone covers ad place it on the zone. If a community spoil board is mounted, then it can suffice as a cover for the zone it occupies.

Have a great week everyone.

P.S. A cool Multicam holiday project open for all members and thier families, including those who aren’t active in wood shop is being kicked around. Although this week is a another complete zoo for the team outside of DMS, we hope to flesh this out and loop everyone in later this week. If this is received well, hopefully it can become a Woodshop tradition.