Multicam Vacuum Valves

I replaced the seals in all 6 valves, reinforced the stem to gate connection, and hopefully restored good vacuum holddown to all 6 zones. Be warned, the valves are bit harder to open and close due to actually having seals in them! Be sure and let me know if you have issues. Can’t address what I don’t know about.
Bert Rabbe
Multicam SIG Leader


Is there anything we can do to prevent issues in future? Is too much force (pushed/pulled too hard?) a contributing factor. And I corrected someone one who thought they needed to be turned to adjust rather pushme-pullyou’d.

Not that is obvious to me. I have (hopefully) installed stops on the rods to avoid then being pulled out too far. The seals took a lot of abuse in the early days for various reasons while things were being sorted. Kinda need to observe now. The valves are not especially rugged in design. If they continue to require extra care, will probably recommend we replace with metal valves during the move … whenever that happens.


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Well it was a short-lived sense of having solved something. Zone 3 valve failed today. Had hoped I could make the current valves last until the move and could repipe the entire header. No such luck. On to Plan C.

What size valves do you need?

We are using the 2" version of this:

If available, I’d like to stay with slide or slice vates but go to metal gates and a better stem to gate connection.

Edit: a potential solution could be to have someone with metal or machining skills make something that would work with the plastic bodies. The valves being used have a decent design except for a weak connection between the metal shaft and the plastic gate. That’s what is failing miserably … well actually, it’s failing and I’m miserable!

Median Cost?

Current ones are under $20 each, delivered.

Freddy, found an industrial version of the valve. Have asked Mark to buy. Should swap out easily and are moderately priced.

Nice! Looks awesome!