Multicam Vacuum Grid and Spoilboards are complete; however


The new phenolic vacuum plenum is complete, new spoilboards have been installed. System is ready to go mechanically.

For some mysterious reason, it has forgotten how to connect to the network. Was doing so, and then stopped. I did all the non-technical stuff, checking cables, rebooting, etc. No luck. The terminal for the monitor connects, it’s the control box that’s lost. I’m not the network savvy person. Stan is not here. So, hopefully, someone will figure it out.

Whenever it can find the network again … it’s ready to work.






FYI, keypad error display is this or something similar:
“Invalid path for DNC”



That is usually a program not running on the jump server. It usually is supposed to start when you log in from the thin client, unless that has changed.

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Didn’t that get moved to a VM running…somewhere?



No the VM got pulled and it was reinstalled on the jump server.

We still need a dedicated single user account PC like on the plasma CNC for it to properly work, but that’s up to infrastructure and woodshop to figure out.