Multicam Vacuum Blower Status


FYI: The regenerative blower used to provide vacuum holddown for the Multicam has been disconnected and will be taken to a service shop for repair. Safety disconnect switch is locked out and will stay that way until the blower returns to service.


I infer this means the Multicam is out of service? I can put a tag line on the Woodshop camera (website view). It might save someone a drive.


Which FYI, if someone hasn’t talked to Chris, he had test outs scheduled this week for those that didn’t get registered before Christmas.


The Multicam is usable … just without vacuum holddown.
Use screws, double sided tape, etc.


No, do not do that. The CNC works. Just can’t use vacuum to holddown work pieces.


OK, thanks. I get it. Thanks for the clarification.