Multicam Table Vacuum

I was informed that the Republic Blower that provides holddown vacuum for the table was making a loud noise indicative of failure. I came in to inspect and found it to still to be functional, but unknown if some internal damage occurred. The inlet filter was absolutely plugged. This has happened over the course of 2 weeks which is very abnormal. I know some members have been using the Multicam without the dust shoe attached and these and others have left the table very dirty. The debris on the table top can be sucked down into the vacuum system and is one way to cause the type of pluggage observed.

In addition, the double sided tape for the zone boards is beginning to come loose. It would be a very good idea for these to be retaped since the zone boards still have usable life remaining. The Fastcap tape in the brown cabinet is provided for this purpose.

So, in summary:
Use the dust shoe.
Keep the tabletop clean
Retape the zone boards.

Since the Multicam SIG is disbanded, Woodshop and Multicam users should implement some system of inspection as well as counseling for users to avoid the conditions that existed.


Thanks Bert

Multicam Vacuum Table 10/27/2019

Thanks for the fresh new spoil-board it looks fantastic! I just came in to use the CNC but noticed when I try to turn on the Vacuum Hold the motor makes a loud noise as if it’s trying to run but then subsequently shuts off. While it’s making noise I don’t notice any vacuum on the table. Also noticed the motor pretty warm to the touch.

With my limited knowledge i opened up the filters and blew them out with compressed air to no avail.

Found this post and seems related.

I have have been having problems with it lately as well. I find opening up at least two zones gets it to behave. But am very suspicious that somethings wrong. I’ve had problems getting it to crank on as well