MultiCam Status as of 11/30 10PM

The MuktiCam will continue to be off-line for the next 24-48 hours.

The MutiCam is currently undergoing a complete surface replacement. This won’t include all of the improvements being discussed, but is more of an intermediate resolution that will allow members to continue using the machine in the interim during the holidays.

When it released for use, please consider bringing and using your own secondary spoil board.

Hopefully we can have a long term solution defined and presented to Ian for consideration before year’s end.

BTW, @Brian is to thank for developing and implementing this bridge solution. It seems to be a thankless job, but he is making it happen for everyone.


Thanks to both of you. I saw you working away in there tonight. Thank you. That machine needs a dedicated team to keep functioning, I certainly couldn’t do it and manage the woodshop alone. Thank you for your help.


I suppose that is because it is Mukted up?

And this because it is being Mutated?

Thanks for the work and the chuckles …


I had a project pop-up late this afternoon I need to prepare for, so I won’t be able to assist you tonight. I did however prep three more zone panels so you can focus on the important parts. I think I will be free tomorrow night if you decide you could use a helper.

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If there is still work to be done on this I’m happy to lend an extra set of hands if needed

Yes. I’m going to try working on it this evening. All interested welcome.

Is the multicam still down for service?

I am interested in the MultiCAM status, too. I’ve got a sheet of MDF to use as a secondary spoilboard to screw my plywood sheets onto.

It was when I went home at 10 PM.

Ok just checking, thanks for all the effort!

Thanks for all of your work on this. I’ll keep an eye out here for it to be back up and running.

Sorry about your glued panel. :slight_smile:

Should I reach out to Mitch regarding fly cutting the spoil board, or have you?

I have not.

Did gluing seem to work?

Nor sure, it seemed to stick okay,

December 4

I have not.


Sorry about your glued panel.

Did gluing seem to work?