Multicam spoil board

Someone has already cut into the spoilboard we replaced yesterday. Would @Team_Woodshop please pull the multicam logins for a conversation?


Whoever cut into the new spoil board and didn’t report it should get a time out to think about the fact that their pawning off their responsibilities and work on others.

At the very least a conversation about what happened, and expectations when something goes wrong.

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Maybe there is a different explanation here, but if it turns out it was shirking responsibility, more that a talking to is called for. Not wrecking shared tools without owning up to it seems like a really low bar to expect of members. This might be a good case for a required orientation course for new members, to make sure everyone knows what to do when they break something. Charge $5.00, hold classes of 10, with the money going to the instructor.

well that didn’t take long. Should be easy to find the culprit since it is only 1 day of video. Either they didn’t set the bottom height like they are suppose to or the feature doesn’t work. That probably needs to be tested.Just double stack 2 boards and set the bottom to the first board and the top to the top board and run a deep tool path and see if it cuts into the bottom board. If the feature is not working then the setup procedure will need to be re-thought out.

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Nothing is impossible when it comes to damage at DMS, but not likely that the max depth isn’t working. More likely that someone was either taught or believes they need to cut into the spoilboard. As mentioned, it should not be hard to identify who needs a review.

FYI, you can look at the job history option in Job Console (under File) to find who cut what when. You can then open the files in question and look for patterns that match the damage.


yeah we didn’t get an indication of how deep the cuts were. I for one hate leaving the onion skin and having to cut it away and sand the profile. But there is a big difference between going an extra couple of thousandths of an inch versus say 1/4" deep. I cut through (at home) by just enough to leave a ghost image which does not prevent me from reusing the spoil board. At the space I have enough respect for the DMS equipment to leave the onion. I guess that’s all we’re asking for.

There is an oscillating saw and a palm router with a panel bit in the brown CNC cabinet. Either can be used to clear tabs and onion skin. Sanding these away is neither the recommended nor easiest way, IMO.

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