Multicam Slideshow is up and running

@Jeeves donated a TV monitor and then help mount it on the far wall past the Multicam. It is now running a slideshow with helpful hints and reminders about the Multicam and it’s use. Please take time to follow along with the slides while using the Multicam. In most cases, added info can be found on the Multicam Wiki page to expand on the short visual reminder conveyed by the slide. Questions? Just submit to me or the Multicam SIG members.

Example slides:


FYI, the slides are evolving as our resident visual communication guru @jrkriehn replaces mine with hers. You will be able to tell the difference: her’s look really nice and convey the messages with swagger. I did the others! You may notice some on the slides appear to go together, but aren’t showing up in sequence. Chromecast is a really nifty thing, but getting it to do what you think is a good idea is really tough if Google thinks they know better!

@Jeeves is tackling that challenge. Fingers crossed .Oh and if you have already fought a battle like this and have solved the puzzle … please contact @Bertberaht or @Jeeves


I wonder if you could put all the slides in an MP4 movie and have it play in a loop? That would keep Google from fiddling with the order.

I added an MP4 of an American flag waving to the google album, can someone let me know if it plays? I can’t find anything online about ambient mode playing videos so not sure if it is just going to skip it or not.

By any chance is there a Chromebit/box laying around?

I was in the woodshop working on the lathes all afternoon and don’t remember seeing any American flag waving… it may have escaped my view every time, but I was there for a good 3-4 hours.