Multicam Remote

Now isn’t this cute. Someone laid the remote down on the table and then ran into it with their bit. Of course they didn’t report it. Thankfully it is only cosmetic.

Coincidentally, I found this as I was preparing to hang the remote from a retracting tool balancer.


I want to shout things that are inappropriate for some members of this audience.
But I lack imagination, and this is the best alternative I could muster.

PS people FUBARing the equipment almost (almost) takes away enough of my excitement to make me say “Awesome, Dude!”. But that’s not what I want to say, so you get this, instead.

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Durham’s water putty!!!

Durham’s is good stuff (I use it for terrain) but it doesn’t stick well to metal.

You could use Bondo, Milliput,or “green stuff” two part epoxy putties.

That being said, just a little sanding and a little Testors enamel paint would cover the bulk of the cosmetic damage.

While I didn’t cause the damage, I’d be glad to take on some remediation if the Woodshop Chairs would like me to. I’ll be at DMS Thursday night. The controller would need to be out of commission for a couple of hours while the paint cured.

Let me know.

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I was being sarcastic.
I’m working on slides for the Multicam multimedia show, and am currently on Durham’s Water Putty. Including the company website.

Don’t go dissin’ Durham’s! :smiley:

Seriously, though, I like it for several reasons:

  • water cleanup
  • non shrinking
  • sandable
  • paintable
  • cheap!

The texture is like MDF once cured.

Yeah, I was learning how it can be a pretty cool art thing as well. Their websites pretty amusing, really. You can get an official t-shirt.

Mike, thanks for the offer, but sometimes scars serve a purpose. The one who did this will always be reminded how very lucky they were to avoid a really big replacement bill. Other users will be reminded that a bit of carelessness could become really bad news. And as mentioned previously, it is cosmetic damage.


It’s not putty. It chemically blackens Aluminium.

May take more than one application from what I’ve read.


Looking at the MSDS, it is a mixture of Cupric Sulfate and a couple of acids.

A little bit on the nasty side due to the acid: I’d make sure of wearing PPE when using.

Saw some concerns about contamination of the bottle due to double-dipping. Recommendation is to pour some out into a disposable container or use a fresh Q-tip for each dip into the bottle.

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I haven’t used the stuff yet. I saw it recommended elsewhere for finishing machined areas on certain peices of Aluminium that are usually black…

FYI, on Wednesday I installed a tool balancer for the Multicam remote. Looks like this:

It hangs from the ceiling and is set to suspend the remote low enough to be user friendly and high enough to not hit the table. There is a latch loop and metal extension epoxied to the back of the remote. When you take the remote out of the wall mounted lock box, clip it on the cable of the balancer. When your work is done, unclip and put the remote back in the lock box.

The remote is incredibly expensive at $1575 … please use the balancer to keep the remote out of harms way or from being dropped.
Bert Rabbe
Multicam SIG Leader