Multicam Refresher Class - Thursday May 5th 7PM

Since we already have 2-3 people who have previously expressed interest in a Thursday class, we are looking for an additional 2-3 people to get to five members total. You must have already been fully authorized to use the machine in the past. If you had signed up for the last Thursday class please re-express your interest so we can keep a clean list.

This class is held machine side and limited to five members wishing to complete recertification.

Learn about:

Machine changes

New tooling

Spoil board rules

Software changes

Test materials and expectations

Being held Thursday May 5 @ 7:00 PM

We aren’t sure of the length, expecting it will between one and two hours in length. This is a guinea pig class, so it won’t be polished. Successful members will then move to the front of the checkout line.

Please leave a note below to sign up. There will be a $10 fee for this class, but it is waived if you show up, otherwise you will owe woodshop $10.

BTW, this is a required class for recertification.

I will leave a beaver on your post to stamp your acceptance.

I will be there! thank you.

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I am in! Looking forward to getting up to speed on the changes.

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I’m in. Thank you for this.

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i will have to catch the next one ive got to much tomorrow

Ugh!!! I wish I had checked this morning. :weary: I need the refresher class for the new sign off. When is the next class since you already approved 3 people?

(Unless of course you want to allow 1 more person. :wink:)

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Room for one more lucky little guinea piglet.


Can’t make this one, but would like to get in on the next one…

I’ll be there

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Today at 7pm? Only one other person here. Confused.

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