Multicam paused near the end of a job

The Multicam paused near the end of a roughing pass. The spindle was still spinning and was at the Z height for cutting but it wasn’t moving in the X or Y direction. I checked the file and I can’t find anything that would cause this. Has anyone else had this issue or know of a way to use the pendant to skip a section and have it move onto the next part?

The last person who had this problem had a gcode issue:

I’m having a different issue. The spindle is still running but it is not moving in the X or Y axis. I checked my code and didn’t find G00T2 in the code so I know it isn’t looking for a tool change.

OK, I went to your directory to look at the toolpath, saw the roughing path, went to get a cup of coffee, came back to open the file and look for a problem, and while I was gone, it was deleted. Did you find the problem? If not put it back, and PM me so I can try to determine what happened.


FYI, there is a way to move to a different spot in a file. I’d rather show you than explain via a keyboard. PM me to arrange a time that is mutually workable.

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