MultiCam New Dedicated PC

The MultiCam finally got a dedicated PC to run the host software instead of on the Jump server. Big thanks to @mdredmond for the fanless NUC PC and @hon1nbo and @skyspook for getting it setup. This should resolve a lot of connection issues with host and multiple jump server users causing conflicts with loading files.

You should just have to log in with your domain user credentials, only MultiCam trained users will be able to log in. Theres a link to RDP on the desktop so you can access Vcarve. Job Console should come up or click on the shortcut to see your Gcode and job progress.

Of course report any issues here with the issues and requests template if you have an issue.


Sweet! Thanks all for the work it took to get it done.

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Is there any change to the process for running jobs with the new setup?

No change on the multicam keypad side running jobs.

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