Multicam - Move to Extents of Job in a Preview

There are times when I’m working to the edge of my material and would like to preview how far the bit is going to run in each direction on my job.

I am aware of the dry run feature but I’d like something that takes less time and doesn’t involve the bit in constant motion. Is there an easy way to make the bit move to the full extents of the job and then stay there so it can be carefully eyeballed?

Make a boundary file (essentially draw a box around job) and then run it before the real file. If you run it as a dry run you can pause along each side to ensure you are all good.


there is no built in features to ‘frame’ a project.
However, you can probably just create a separate profile path file of the outside shape of your project that you can do a dry run on to get a visual of project. Just pause/continue to the four quadrants and you should get a pretty good estimate. cheers!

Matt, there is a program called Job Console that is part of the Multicam system.
Create a shortcut on your desktop that maps to this:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Machine Tools Suite 4.0\JobConsole.exe”

Once you open your cnc cut file in Job Console, selected Properties under the View option.
This will bring up a display that shows the min, max, and total movement for X, Y & Z as well as the relevant speed info for the project.

FYI, if you keep this open while you run, you can follow the movement on the screen.

Adding: If you need to physically see the limits of travel, you can use the displayed info and go there with the x,y,z button on the remote.


Good info. I’ll check that out too.

Great stuff - all of you. Thanks!