Multicam Machine Refresher Class - Second Cohort


Being held Tuesday April 26 @ 7:00 PM.

We expect to be posting a Thursday class in a couple of days or so.

This class is limited the first 5 candidates that answer this post for the second Multicam Refresher Class.

This class is held machine side and limited to five members wishing to complete recertification.

Learn about:

  • Machine changes

  • New tooling

  • Spoil board rules

  • Software changes

  • Test materials and expectations

  • Pretest tutor program

  • Buddy cut system

We aren’t sure of the actual length, please plan on around two hours in length. This is only the second guinea pig class, so it won’t be polished. Successful members will then move to the front of the checkout line.

Please leave a note below to sign up. There will be a $10 fee for this class, but it is waived if you show up, otherwise you will owe woodshop $10.

BTW, this is a required class for recertification.

I will leave a beaver on your post to stamp your acceptance.

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Thank you. Count me in for Thursday
Dad speak: $10! I don’t have $5! What do you need $2 for?!

I want a spot on the thursday and will pay the $10 :coffee:

Okay. You have already been a certified on the Multiccam in the past?

Please sign me up for april 26th class. Previously certified. Thanks a bunch!

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Yes sir I have. Tested out with Chris and have completed 3 projects on my own.
But please do not out me down for the Tuesday. I am out of town. I will wait it out for the Thursday or even further out. No worries.

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Four slots left.

i could do the Thursday time if theres a spot available for that one

I still need to post the class first. There was done feedback from last night and we want integrate it prior to doing many more classes.

oh im sorry lol i miss read the post

Hi, please sign me up for the next refresher class. Thanks

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Do you remember who checked you out?

Yes it was Chris about 2 years ago and I have done several CNC projects. I am glad to revisit all the guidelines and new setting.

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Three slots open at this point for Tuesday night.

My schedule got changed and I can do Tuesday! If there is still room of course.

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Two slots open at this point for Tuesday night. Hurry, hurry, step right up before they are gone.

Yessir $10. Sign me up!

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Only one slot left.
If you snooze much longer, the last slot will be a goner.

Please sign me up for the last slot!

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@MuzLotia - How long ago was the last time you used the machine?