Multicam Machine Refresher Class - Full

I’m taking the first 5 candidates that answer this post for the first Multicam Refresher Class.

This class is held machine side and limited to five members wishing to complete recertification.

Learn about:

Machine changes

New tooling

Spoil board rules

Software changes

Test materials and expectations

Being held Tuesday April 19 @ 7:00 PM

We aren’t sure of the length, expecting it will between one and two hours in length. This is a guinea pig class, so it won’t be polished. Successful members will then move to the front of the checkout line.

Please leave a note below to sign up. There will be a $10 fee for this class, but it is waived if you show up, otherwise you will owe woodshop $10.

BTW, this is a required class for recertification.

I will leave a beaver on your post to stamp your acceptance.


Me, Please.


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Please sign me up.

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Would like to sign up

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Only two more slots until full.

Ugh, I wish it wasn’t on a Tuesday!

What is a bullet proof day for you?

Thursdays are my best night, but I can make most Mondays work, too.

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I can do Thursday nights too. I’m off Fridays so I can stay up late like an adult

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I can be there for the class.

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I’d like to sign up!

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Class registration is now closed with the following members signed up.

@mblatz @budman @TSki @apparently_weird @rmramsey2


Please sing me up!

I will be posting another class very soon. I was looking at tomorrow night, but it was pointed out that the annual DMS BoD meet the candidates event is also tomorrow night. I’m not sure, I want to post another class early next week.


are you ever available over the weekend for this class

It will be very helpful to have 4-5 folks. What day and times would you vote for? This weekend isn’t workable for me, but possibly next weekend.

i can be available all day Friday and Sunday, and saturday afternoon

I’m definitely interested as well, especially if it’s next weekend!

I can do most Mondays and Thursdays, but will be out of town for a bowling tournament April 22-25.

Would you have to be previously checked out on the machine for the potential weekend class? I could do Saturday or Sunday next weekend, but I’ve never trained on the multicam before.