Multicam help with my subwoofer box

I’m working on a subwoofer box for my car and I wanted to use the multicam to cut the hole for the subwoofer and the hole for the terminal box. I don’t see any class for it listed so I was wondering if 1: will there be a class soon? Or 2: can someone help me with it? I’ve already drawn the box in fusion 360, I just need to turn it in to real life.

Have you already cut the pieces out or do you need to do that too?

There are easier ways to cut a circle. Multicam isn’t like the other woodshop equipment where you take a 1 hour class and are up and running, it’s more akin to the Haas where you will need some serious training and certification before use of the machine is allowed. There are several people working on what that will look like (as they have been for a couple years now due to most of the trainers leaving when Covid hit) and things will not even be as lax as they were before.

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I agree with the router suggestion. Create your templates out of hard board or acrylic on one of the lasers. If you find this plan a heavy lift, then gearing up on the CNC will be like a moving a mountain. First step though, make your box as designed, keeping in mind it isn’t just straight ninety degree angles.

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