Multicam has new accessories and VCarve behaves a bit differently

The mystery of inconsistent depth of cut in the front right corner (right half of Zone 1) continues.
Please set max depth in a zone under vaccum but not in the above area.

This will result in more onion skin for parts on the right front section of your work. In addition, many use tabs to hold work when cutting complete profiles.

We now have two new ways to deal with onion skin and tabs once you turn the work over and can get to both your skin and tabs. Both tools are stored in the brown cabinet with the paper roll on top:

  1. An oscillating tool with a saw blade. Battery powered.
    Looks like this:

And the battery charge is by the white paper roll:

If you have a lot of tabs or skin, you can use a lightweight trim router with a piloted panel bit.

  1. Turn the work over to expose the back.
  2. Add support under your work as required so the router bit will not reach the table surface.
    Use the handheld router to cut clear any through toolpaths that are at least 1/4" wide.

    Bit style:

Lastly, @Tapper has made changes to VCarve so the tool specifications are locked down in the database. You can still edit a tool but it won’t change the standard values.
However, you will now get this popup each time you select a bit:

Just click OK and go about your business. It still loads your tool info even if the message looks a bit scary!


Everything seems to work properly - except that dialog box.

I also updated to the most recent patch level (and the most up-to-date dialog box)…


thank you to both of you!