Multicam Guitar Heros?


I have seen several people making guitars on the multicam. Any chance someone could help me cut out a guitar shape? I just need the main body shape, its for a wall hanging art thing. I can pay for your time or if you like craft beer, I can make a trade.

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I may be up at DMS today. What material, do you have the image selected/available, and what time of day would you be available to do this?



I am pretty flexible on timing. It’s for work so I can be up there any time during the week. Material could be whatever works best for the router. MDF maybe? It will eventually be wrapped with a vinyl print so finish is not critical.

I don’t have an image yet, I was hoping someone already had a vcarve file for a guitar body that I could use. If not, I can look on the internet to see if I can find something that exists for sale (or borrow)


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PM sent. 123

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