Multicam - First member to go through requalification

Congratulations Evan! @Evan_Lott

How did he regain access? First of all, he not only took the original class, he took the test and passed.

He took a class on how the new machine works, along with how the new collet and torque wrench works. He took the effort to learn Vcarve 11. Plus he is helping with trying to configure Vcarve for the jump drive.

If you don’t know Even, he is a very valuable member of DMS. He currently chair 3D fab, and also is involved in our keeping our computer systems purring along.

When you see him not only congratulate him being re-certified on the Multicam, but let him know his contributions to DMS are appreciated.

The train has finally left the station.


Thank you for all of your hard work on this and congratulations @Evan_Lott . :slight_smile:


Thank you on behalf of the Multicam rebuild team. This was a massive team effort with hundreds of hours invested.

Machine Table Upgrade:@mdredmond, @themitch22,@artg_dms, @IanLee, @tbjk, @action_jackson, @rlisbona, @swa

Documentation:@mdredmond, @griffc, @Photomancer, @John_Marlow, @swa

Quality Assurance:@Photomancer, @dryad2b, @MrJimmy, @John_Marlow, @Evan_Lott, @Julie-Harris, @job4goodman, @Christal_Garrison, @pjolone1, @skyspook

Give shout-out to these folks when you see them.


And to @artg_dms as the occasional Minion Manager ™.


And it was a pleasure to spend WoodShop’s money.
Well done - bonus cheques are in the mail.


Nice job Even

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Congratulations Even! I am new to the Makerspace, but I have used CNC routers before, I have even taught classes on them. How do I qualify to use the Multicam CNC router? Thanks

As I understand the current process, first we’re recertifying as many of the previously certified folks as still want the certification. Then we’ll be having classes for the new people.

Hi dryad2b, is there a rough estimate of when certification classes might open for the Multicam? Thanks

That’s a SWA question. I know nothing specific…


Go Evan!

@Evan_Lott is a CHAMP