Multicam Filler Powder -- MIA? 11/10/2020

Has anyone seen the MultiCam spoil board filler powder in the last 24 hours? Damage is very close to the side - 30"x2" arc, but want to get it repaired as to not impact the next member. If no one knows I will pick up another can in the morning.



(huh – can’t say the same thing, even on different threads)

It should be underneath the bed at the front end…at least that is where it is suppose to be

No such luck. Anyone remember the brand and who carries it?

Durham’s Water Putty
No idea who carries…

At one point it was durhams water putty, which doesn’t pass the vacuum, but at least eliminates the leaks that the groves create. Others can confirm if this is still current.

Thanks! I remembered it had a cartoon character on the can but had forgotten the name. You gotta love Amazon. Sent overnight if you use a locker.

I’ll have a new can of oh sh** fixer in the shop tomorrow.

The last time I saw the container, about 10 days ago, it was in the wooden cabinet on a middle shelf on the vacuum pump side towards the back. I have no idea if there was anything inside the container.

Maybe someone has already ordered it from Amazon, but next time around one can buy it at Home Depot in the paint department near the wall spackle. It’s quite cheap.

That’s why we don’t allow unsupervised teenagers at DMS. I own a teenage daughter and her favorite thing is to empty (or nearly empty) a container and put it back in the fridge.

More recently, she ate ALL of my thin mints and stacked the empty boxes back where they were to forestall the day of reckoning.


I thought the can of filler is in the cabinet by the wall.

New 4# can on the bottom shelf of the cabinet next to the table.
BTW, why is the Multicam locked out? It doesn’t use the Felder at this time due to the dust foot being damaged. It has to be chased with the shop vac.


I think we should explore the idea of having people bring in their own spoilboard (can be MDF) to fix their work on. I do it all the time so I can cut completely through my workpiece. Enough vacuum pulls through a piece of 1/2" MDF to securely hold larger pieces. Smaller work can be taped or bradded down (to the user’s board). 1/4" would work even better but wouldn’t save the spoilboards from some users’ masterpieces.

A shared spoilboard isn’t working out well because people aren’t setting maxdepth as they are supposed to. It’s almost like they think the spoilboard is there to deliberately “spoil,” which is not the case.

Add to this the fact that since the boards have to be surfaced and/or flipped so often, they aren’t getting taped down anymore, which is causing the vacuum filters to clog.

We need to seriously discuss a Plan B for the Multicam that ensures that it remains usable and accurate more of the time.


Plan B, onion skin your parts and spend hours with a saw and knife. That’s usually my solution (accidentally).

Lately I’ve been getting onion skin even cutting to full maxdepth (using my own spoilboards). It’s a PITA but a flush trim bit makes quick work of the cleanup. If I ever make things in quantity I’d definitely go right into my spoilboard by a sixteenth just to avoid the work.

I agree. I’ve been bringing my own spoil boards for a while.

Disappointed to see most of the scrap MDF thrown out. We need to keep those around for folks to use.

Trash, however, shouldn’t be dumped:

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Is blocking access to the circuit breakers on the west wall a violation of the fire code?

I see the two KEEP AREA CLEAR signs have been covered by trash.

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