MultiCam dust collector - overflow



What’s wrong with a big sign over the computer that says

“Check the dust collector and if it’s full please empty.” And if you need help emptying please ask for help


Basically people dont read or adhere to it


I think a DMS variation of the “you must be this tall to ride this ride” would be fun. Like a foam core cutout of Bert pointing at the halfway point of the bag and the legend “Sawdust must be lower than this point to operate this Multicam!”

Yeah, I know, no more effective than another sign, but funnier. And more memorable.


I like Judy’s sign idea better than mine. Challenge may be gettiing Bert to stand still long enough for a picture.


Guys and Gals … I confirmed with Mark that the current dust collector on the Multicam is being replaced with a shopwide dust collection system when we make the move. So, we only have a 3-4 month issue. If someone would cobble together at photosenser system like a garage door uses, mount the bag on one end of a see-saw support, and when the bag tips the see-saw, a board or other interference breaks the light path, and trips a relay that turns the dust collector power off. Or something else just as simple and cheap. Low tech for a short term problem.

Yes, some TRE will cheat the system and keep running. Can’t out engineer the intentional violators, but we can remind the folks who try to do the right thing when the bag needs to be emptied. That’s a situation I can live with short term.