Multicam CNC Issue! Can't get to project directory, I don't see '...' on pendant project directory

Came in to use the Multicam, after going through all the setup I used the pendant to try to load my project but there’s no ‘…’ to navigate through the project directory. How can I navigate through the folder directory if I can’t use the ‘…’ to navigate up in the file structure?

On the pendant, I don’t see any user directories it just says I’m in “Root” and all I see are the folders:
Drill Press Table
Leg Vise Template
Simple Box
Wagon Vise Template

I assume it’s stuck in a user’s directory and isn’t allowing me to navigate out to my directory.


Edit: I already restarted the machine to see if re-establishing the connection to the server would fix the issue. It did not.

I think you’re right.
That matches bbchops user directory
It’s been a while for me working that pendant, but I seem to recall using the jog button to go “up” a directory from the top entry on the list…

Yes you are correct, normally you’d use the job buttons (up, down, left, right, up Z, down Z) to navigate through the files within the current directory. To go up one level in the directory, you would navigate to the top of the current folder and you’d see “…” which you would use to go one level “up” in the directory. But there is no “…” entry to allow me to navigate “up” in the directory.
If you were referring to the Jog Speed button, that appears to allow you to search the current directory.

So myself and some others have had issues with the DNC path (root directory).

What you can do is log into the jump server, open Machine Tools (small icon on taskbar that looks like tools) right click, make sure Job Name Server opens, shows online and then go to Machine Tools again, click on Job Console and it should open. You can open your file directly from Job Console and click Run which will send the job to start at the pendant.

These are work-arounds until Infrastructure is out of gridlock and can start a VM or we get a kosher dedicated PC for the multicam. Guess we need more people around to troubleshoot the multicam software than just me.

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Mitch, is there anything that can be done there (by a user) to just get things back to normal?

Thank goodness Mitch was there Sunday when I ran into the same issue. Mitch showed me what to do and got me back up and running, albeit only temporarily. Apparently someone was logged into the jump server and doing something on Vcarve or Machine Tools that kept wresting control of Machine Tools away from me. When that happened, I shut down Machine Tools, re-opened it, reconfigured it and kept going. If he didn’t know what was going on, I must have been driving him as crazy as he was driving me.

We really need a better solution. It is a nightmare when this happens, and I can forsee a day–probably some day soon–when someone is actually using the Multicam and a remote user dials in and reconfigures Machine Tools in the middle of a job.

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We can do an offline PC and just use USB sticks to transfer files instead of the committee drive. This issue lately is a little different than the other issues we’ve had, not sure what has changed.

So has this issue been resolved?
Is there a solution that a normal user like me to do to fix it if it’s still happening?
I need to go to the space tonight and I really need to use the CNC…

We’re expecting (hoping?) this to be the fix:


Ah ok, so when using the CNC one would just need to log into the JumpServer link that’s on the desktop and load your job file?
I’m assuming that once the job console comes up and you begin the project, it’ll push it to the pendant and allow the user to control the CNC?


You can send job to keypad with a button in Job Console, or open it on the keypad with the DNC button like normal.


I’m 100% sure any of the folks named who were involved there would know better than I, as I was not involved, and have not had a chance to test drive, but my impression is that when you log in, the Job Console is run now run locally on that machine, and you do not need the Jump Server to be involved. Log in, use the pendant.

Jump Server shortcut is just for accessing Vcarve.
@themitch22 will correct me if I’m misunderstanding, I’m sure.

[edit] d’oh too slow! Mitch already beat me! :+1:


This is correct.