MultiCam Classes

Are there any MultiCam classes planned for July?

A couple members that I know have expressed an interest. Anyone else?


Paging @cghaly

FYI, I believe Chris has been on vacation of late. He’s the only instructor so when personal needs come up …

Thanks @bertberaht
@cghaly my son @jaredrobertsteele and I are interested in taking a class when its convenient for you.

I am also interested in taking this class

Back in town now. :slight_smile: A MultiCam class has been submitted for Monday, 8/19 @ 6:00pm.

Hello Chris. I would like to discuss with you the bass guitar project we discussed a couple months ago. I will resend a new email.

Hey Chris (@cghaly),

Do you have any plans on holding another MultiCam class soon? I have two ~14"x~36"x~2.5" persimmon tree live edge slabs I cut out with a chainsaw and they have been drying for about a year and a half now. I need to take them down to 2" thick so I can make a side table out of them.

Duncan Hughes

Yes. The MultiCAM classes are held once a month. Look fo the next one in early/mid October. The previous class was on 9/16

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