Multicam Air Filter

We should probably acquire a new air filter (the one in the grey canister) for the Multicam. The one that’s in there is reasonably clean now (though filter surface is darkened), but was inundated with resinous smoke (from burning phenolic) during yesterday’s fire. Its non-porous surfaces are sticky and it smells like a fire pit. I suspect it’s going to clog up quickly and is probably already affecting strength of vacuum.


Get me the details

We’ll get one

If you’re there, pull it out (the canister has four wire bails on it - no tools required to open). If not I’ll check next time I’m there. Tomorrow or Sunday probably.

The Republic Manufacturing item number is C15300 and the rest of the info is here:

I purchased on 12/20/18 and it cost $54.03
Order Number : 0188310SO