Multicam 3D bass guitar

I am looking for some help cutting a 3d bass guitar body. I have the files in vcarve and fusion 360. I will compensate anyone who can help me out.

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Does anyone have any knowledge with this type of thing?

@jposival is it wood? If so, @bertberaht might be able to help or refer you. If it’s metal, @hon1nbo can point you in the right direction.

I’ve tagged them both in case they didn’t see your post.

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I’m curious where you sourced your bass guitar body blank from? Looking for a good source for a similar project.

Thank you!

I sent you a PM on the 4th.

Thank you sir. I saw it and responded with the files tonight. Did not see it when it came in.

I used Bell Forest products. I just ordered alder bodies for the prototypes