Multi cam introductory classes? Thanks!

Hello, I’ve been interested in getting cleared on the multicam lately if I can start to see some classes on that pop up? Thanks to our volunteers!



looking for the same, help!

Paging @cghaly

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I’d like to get that training too!


Chris will be adding the next class to the calendar soon. Keep watching.

The next class is on the calendar; Tuesday 5/28, 6pm-10pm. Hope to see you there!

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im gonna have my partner coordinate my wake up time to make it to this. does mcdonalds serve breakfast as early as 5pm or are they still on the menu that everyone else eats off of while i’m asleep?

i appreciate you choosing a later class time relatively speaking.

Just giving this class notice a bump. Next class is: Tuesday, 5/28, 6 PM!
Notice wasn’t posted as early as usual and there are lots of class slots still available.

my plan was to sign up just before or get written in onsite at the class. at the moment i’m not sure if i can make this “early” wake up call and don’t want to commit. if i end up oversleeping even by as much as 30 minutes I’ll miss the window of time to make it with rush hour traffic added. this block of time is workable but a very tight fit.

if there was a way i could do asynchronous study and then just schedule one on one to take the test on a day off. i’ve already started studying up on youtube videos.

You should contact @cghaly directly. He’s the Multicam instructor. I’m the maintainer.

Not sure what asynchronous means in this context. Contact me directly and we can work something out.

Scratch that thought. On my way