Multcam nuts meeting Friday 1/28/22

I’m meeting with Joe West from Rego-Fix to talk about nuts, collets, torque wrenches at 12:30pm today
I believe @SWA and @mdredmond will also be there.
If anyone else is available please join us. They have a different style nut where the wrench latches into it and won’t cam out. And low friction coating vs black oxide

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Do squirrels or other little animals enjoy these “Multicam nuts”?


I should be at DMS, I’ll try to attend.


I’m gonna come hang out for a bit as well…


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Randy, thanks for putting this together. It was nice to have folks from machine shop, metal shop, woodshop, and the BoD present. This tooling option seems to be what we have been missing at DMS. It will be great if we can offer pro tools to our members at hobby tool pricing. Hopefully we can begin on boarding existing authorized users soon.


We’ll durn burn! I didn’t check my email in time. I hope to meet CNC nuts soon.

You’ll have to play with your own nuts until our next meeting, which will be with the distributor who can sell us deez fine nutz.


I called Rego-fix to get part numbers to get quotes on, also torque is 24nm for . 125, 32nm for larger collets

Do we really need to allow 1/8" bits or could we require 1/4 shanks on any cutter smaller than 1/4"

Rego-Fix nuts and torque wrench options.pdf (853.3 KB)

This appears to be a different solution than we discussed. Our setup would require the torque wrench to engage the spindle.

You can do it either way, the torque wrenches come without the wrench head, rego fix makes wrench heads to fit their nuts, but not wrench heads with flat open end style. But the open end style are readily available.

If we wanted to keep the present method of holding the nut with a special wrench in a plastic handle, we should consider getting the special wrench head and a handle, or making a long handle. I’m here about to give a tour


I thought the distributor sales manager was going to be working up prices for us. If we by-pass him we could lose our best pricing. If another person gets involved then we could very easily trigger them getting commissions for working on this.

Yes Ill be talking to the local distributor but need to figure out what part numbers we need him to quote on

Like do we want a 6" special wrench or a head we can put a longer handle on, what size collets, etc

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Make dummy proof, especially with a torque wrenches… I’ve seen too many experienced users botch the torque up…

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If we standardize on 1/4" and larger shanks then we just have one torque setting of 32nm or 24ftlbs

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The main reason we met on Friday was to allow everyone to have a chance to learn more about the collet solution you have already purchased. The torque information was a nice bonus.

Let us review the torque requirements needed for our various tool sizes and see what is the best path forward regarding wrenches.

We will get you a list items to quote in a couple days. I would hate to lose the high volume discount opportunity.

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I remember asking about a torque wrench that was clutched and the rep maintained they didn’t exist. This being a wrench were the user just keeps pushing until the wrench’s head free spins. I realize his world view may only encompass the machine tooling world, but there are a lot more torque wrench applications out there. The world of product assembly is vast and guess what? They do exist and this is the type we need to seriously consider. There might not be one that fits our use case for some reason, but I think we should consider it.

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When you say clutched, do you mean that it clicks over at a certain rating?

I’ve never seen those slip type torque wrenches, heres another one. I think it says it has up to 45 degrees of movement after the clutch slips.

This video also has breakaway torque wrenches that give more visual feedback

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Here is another

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I use 1/8 inch bits every time, and I at y’all’s request recently stocked up on them.

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