Mouser Donation 2018


Thermal imagers are definitely handy when troubleshooting PCBs. For my personal use, I could actually use an SMU (though not a 4-quadrant) in my work, but I’d still probably go for the thermal camera just because it’s very handy for just about any misbehaving PCB.

(A finger will tell you which chip has a problem. A camera can tell you which pin has a problem.)

As far as the DMS e-lab is concerned, the fact that everyone intuitively understands what the thermal camera is and how it works seems like a +1 for that equipment as well.


“We” may not have a need for one, but for those working on battery-powered IoT devices, these are very useful for predicting battery life and tweaking to maximize it. IoT is internet 3.0 - incredibly valuable skill. I just got a job doing it specifically because of my affiliation with DMS.


Well golly gee.
Guess it’s time to address the unwashed ungrateful masses.
So let’s start w/ the sourcemeter *itching.

Good to know. 2401 is not stocked by mouser. Nor does Mouser offer refurbished gear.
From other threads/PMs the Keithley Model 2450 was recommended.
Mouser price $5340 and currently no stock. Don’t recall if there was stock at the time of the order.
The folks at Mouser stated that items on the “wish list” had to be in stock.
That’s the “entry level” model. Costs increases are in ~$2k increments for the other models.
Part of the engineering gig is learning/figuring how to do things when $$$$$ aren’t in the budget.
Googling “measuring nanoamperes” turns up some options such as:
Build a calibrated buffer and put on the front end of one of the Fluke bench meters.
RTFM for bench meter and create data logger.
Moving on. Part of the little feedback suggested not spending the whole donation on one piece of gear.
Along w/ soliciting input/suggestions, here’s the criteria I use for past/present Mouser donations:

  1. What don’t we have?
  2. What would complement the gear we do have?
  3. What can we duplicate across multiple benches?
  4. What might be useful to other committees?

Still feeling *itchy?
Wonderful! I will submit your name to run for chair in the May 2019 elections.
Being some kind of hypocrite is not an option.


We appreciate your crumudgenly ways. Walter would be so proud. Sure miss the engaging arguments with him. I’ll drop by the eLab to argue with you.

All kidding aside, we do appreciate you Art. Electronics has the broadest range of interest of any committee. Certainly herding cats!


I like to think of it as if the Machine Shop contained both the Metal Shop and Jewelry Small Metals. It’s all Metal righhhtt?


Hey, I’m not *itching. No even a bit. I didn’t even know there was ever a discussion about source meter. Just saying it would be nice to have, that’s all. I’ll probably end up buying one at work anyway.


CA will debate you on that…


Correction, HAD.


Manufacturer refurbished gear is great idea to look into.
Something worth looking into after the move and all the financials settle out.
An in depth article on nanoamp measurements from EDN mag.
EDN was on my fav EE mag list. Analog gurus Bob Peaase and Jim Williams.
Has picts on test jig.

For those had questions on using the thermal imager, the manual has sections on application, physics/theory, history, and emissivity tbls. Enjoy…

I anticipate “borrowing” and use outside ELAb by members/committees.
The person who takes it from ELab is responsible for it well being and return. You’re on the video.
Return it covered in grime/dust - person/committee gets to clean.
Broken/stolen - person/committee will replace.
Don’t want to cooperate/follow the guidelines, problem escalates to BoD.
Guidelines coming soon to the wiki.

edit - no more double!




Metallica “Welcome Home” as in welcome home to__________.


Tool Wiki is mostly updated.
Ran into 2Mb upload limit that has thus far kept me from uploading/linking pdf manuals.
Probably some kind of default limit in the last wiki sftwr update.
Waiting on IT/wiki maintenance folks to fix.

Also added Policy section to Electronics wiki page.


Try putting on committee drive and have a link on wiki. Maybe that will work. You’ll still be finding the item on committee wiki page.


For consistency reasons I prefer not to do this.
Stan and I did a quick look at the files on wiki page and it looks like last >2Mb file was uploaded in early July '18.
Upload function/page need to be fixed.


Did you make an Issues & Requests ticket for this?


Not yet.
Discussed in person w/ @StanSimmons and @denzuko and in PM
Not a high priority problem.
Will wait a while longer and then do a ticket.


Could you use something like this until something fancier could be acquired? It goes down to 10^-11 amperes.