Mother-fing dinosaur (and large bug) tours! Maker-madness!

Well, I scored the best side gig I could ever imagine for myself. Starting in June, I will be a tour guide (and more…but thats to come) for Billings Productions -aka dinosaurs like legit sculpted dinosaurs (and giant bugs) I’m beyond excited about it. If you’ve been to the Dallas Zoo recently you’ve seen them, If you’ve been out to the Heard you’ve also seen them.

Every single maker I know will curl your toes and drool on the floor when you see the process of construction and the results. It’s friggin awesome guys, and I’m not just saying that because they are letting me snuggle the dinos at night. I’m just thrilled.
@apparently_weird you’re going to flip!

Today they opened up the ability to book tours:
$10 a person but if you use the code GRANDOPENING you’ll get $2 off

Get yourself together and get one of the hot tickets. I don’t have a schedule yet - schools still in so it’s not my top priority. Once school is over and I have a better understanding of the hours I’m going to work I’ll organize a DMS tour or ten but don’t wait on me.