More options for the reduced membership rates? Is the entrance to the makerspace now accessible?

EDIT: I don’t know how to edit this post (if there’s a way I can flag it to say that my questions are answered and I have solutions) so I’ll edit it right here. But right now it is 2/12/2020 at 10:31PM and I have my answers. Thank y’all so much!

A few years ago I got introduced to this makerspace and had the privilege of getting an awesome tour, but after that I’ve more or less just lurked here in the ‘talk’ section.

I have looked at the available memberships. I see that there is a reduced rate for people who are students, retired, veterans or first responders. I am not in those populations. I am disabled and do not work. Are the rules on this reduced rate strict (which would be completely understandable) or is it possible I could talk to someone about this? My main goal at the makerspace is just to use the internet and maybe take a class every now and then.

Also, if anyone can answer: What’s the entrance like these days? When I went I had to have someone from the inside help me go through the back of the building. That was fine for that occasion because someone was expecting me but I wonder what the protocol is or would be if I wanted to attend by myself.

Thank y’all for the help/ideas!

I don’t know about the membership issue but if you look here:

There is a handicap accessible ramp up to the front door. The external and some internal doors require rfid access though and I could see it being an issue trying to scan an rfid fob and open the door before it relocks itself if you have reduced mobility (ie. need a hand on a cane) or are in a wheelchair.

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Re: Access. Since we have expanded into 102 we now have a wheel-chair access ramp in the front of the building. I don’t believe we have any automatic doors. Maybe @Wendy would be kind enough to chime in and to give a true assessment of what it’s like to be in a wheel chair at DMS.

Door handles are now ADA compliant (lever type) I don’t believe we have any automatic doors.

I hope you are able to take advantage of DMS.


Nope. No automatic doors yet.

I believe someone who is disabled and not working would be eligible for the reduced rate allowed for retired people. Something to get feedback for from DMS admins.

As a member shared, there is a disability ramp in the front, to the left of the front door.
I park there and use the ramp myself since it’s difficult for me to use stairs, especially since the stairs by the front door have no handrail to hold on to.

Someone in a wheelchair, on a cane, using a walker, should also be careful and cognizant that the sidewalk pathway where the stairs are ‘falls away’ and if you don’t keep your wheelchair or yourself strictly on the sidewalk, you could fall in that area.

I don’t think the front door has an automatic opener for disabled access. But when people ring the doorbell, members do come (I know I do) from the lobby or computer area to let people in or help with the front door.

I think getting in the space would be fine, why not come over for one of the Saturday tours and see if the wheelchair ramp access and sidewalk pathway works for you and sign up and join DMS membership :)))

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Given that “accessible” has so many different meanings, I’d like to point out that we are not currently fully accessible to visually- or hearing-impaired persons.

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Hello! I just sent you a pm. Thanks!


I ask the paratransit Taxi drivers to get me past the current airlock setup we currently have. Once I am in the space is very accessible I am looking forward to my weekends now unlike a couple of years ago. My visits make them very special to me.


That’s so exciting! I’m so happy there’s a ramp. And someone just messaged me about the membership thing so I think that’s fixed now, too. Thank you so much!

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Definitely signing up now! So excited. I live less than 15 minutes from the space, so I hope to take advantage of it.


Good point.

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I hope you enjoy DMS and being a member! Welcome!

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