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Hi All!

Last week we upgraded and resurrected the platform, running Moodle LMS.

There’s been a lot of interest, which is awesome! An existing 3D Fab course for the PolyPrinter basics is already up, and several committees have already asked about getting some courses on the platform.

Is there any interest in a quick class on what the platform is capable of and how to design a basic course? I’m not a bonified expert in Moodle by any means, but I’ve designed corporate education and can show how to get a course and videos online.

On another note, what courses would people be interested in seeing? I know we’ll be getting another 3D Fab course up, but the platform can do a number of different kind of courses. I’d love to hear some ideas or intents for online courses.


Sounds interesting.

I’m in.


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We could possibly make a cleaning video??


Lol, was thinking more of classes, but yes, maybe the 101 intro. to where things are could work.


In fact, all joking aside, that’s a fabulous idea. Incl things that have bollixed me in the past like how to refill stuff (paper towels, soap) or mob buckets/mops or the vacuums.

We could title it “Leave it How You Found It!”

Also leads one on into 101/intro “classes” for each committee area as to what is available and where everything is. Of course, this means updating and keeping current on occasion…


I’m in. :blankspace:

I would like to learn the capabilities of Moodle. I’d like to turn the Dye Sub 101 into a Moodle class with an in-person check off.


Love this, thanks for getting it going again.

I’d love to see a few basic classes that transcend individual tools.

  • Basics of CNC (less duplication needed in other classes)
  • Jump Server 101 (a lot of our less technical folks always seem to struggle with this one)
  • A Moodle class development class

I would definitely be interested in taking a course on Moodle!

I clicked the link, signed in and tried to take the Bridgeport class. It said that I couldn’t enrol myself in the class. Feature or bug?

I’d like to attend online if possible.

Bug. Forgot to turn on the self-enrollment setting. You should be able to now :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good amount of interest. I’ll write some things up the next couple of days and get an online session scheduled. It’ll be recorded and I’ll most likely set it up as a moodle course for later.


There will be a class on the calendar shortly. It’s for next Saturday (10/17/2020), from 6-7:30pm.
I’ll try to record, and I’m working on an online on-demand clss that will actually reside in moodle. If there’s any specific questions folks have let me know as I’ll be working on the content the next couple of days.



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I’d like to know how to post and then reference competencies. Please.

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And another thing (please). I’d like to understand how the AD group thing works in conjunction with a quiz - what actually constitutes a completion so that the AD group gets assigned.

That’s a good one.

I’ll answer it here but put it in the class – each course has completion criteria that is defined in the course settings. Once a course is marked as complete by moodle, the plugin will add the student to the AD group. I’ll make sure we go over how that’s defined.

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And another thought along AD processing lines, not needing a specific answer here but some forethought and maybe covered in class: I foresee more than a few “take the pre-qual test online/in moodle, which then allows one to do the side-by-side practical check-off or in-person hands-on class with qualified person”. So somehow tracking or updating two (or more, eventually?) related groups.

This si that “flipped class”, or whatever its called, approach, where knowledge that is easily covered/learned at one’s individual leisure and pace online is made available and tested, them hands-on skills, side-by-side practice or mentoring, or a practical exam is done in person.

I think Bridgeport and Mulitcam both in effect use this approach, or actually use this approach already.