Moodle 3.6.2 is out in 2019, shall we try it


Moodle 3.6.2 is out, and it has a native iOS and android client here: Moodle Mobile

I spoken with @StanSimmons and @Draco and I’d like @AlexRhodes adn @themitch22 and anyone else who used our
Our Moodle - Learn version 3.17 to speak up. It is my intent to start with a local VM and then once I get it functional, to move it to the AWS cloud.

My big vision is to have the LMS set up so that we can have a couple easy to follow courses to assist other instructors in developing DMS style courses. And to eventually host some of our pre-req style courses for the various machines. Where we can have lectures and videos etc for woodshop, etc. that cover well everything, and then allow the onsite instructor to do more of a “remember in the video this is the part that can hurt you, etc.”


P.S. - I had a great convo with @Shirley about LMS’s, and I think free for now is still what we want to do, until we have a foundational knowledge level to really be able to evaluate the commercial products.