Monthly membership was canceled, now I can't pay


I hope this is the right section. It seems that my membership fee for october wasn’t process for some reason. Now I can’t seem to pay at all and have lost access to the building. What is the best way to correct this?

Email [email protected]

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Thought I’d check for a followup here to see if there’s been a resolution – I was in the same boat and emailed [email protected] almost 3 weeks ago, and still haven’t gotten a reply.

Hello. Emailing [email protected] is the place to go. With DMS being volunteer run, there are limited people who can help resolve account related issues. Please check your spam folder as well (I’ve seen this happen before) and if nothing is found, follow up with [email protected] with your original email.

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Ah thanks, correcting!

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It’d be nice to have a pdf flier or something with which email address is used for what instead of tribal knowledge. Just an idea I think would be quick, low effort and useful.

Like it’s always who do I email
Talk - Team_infrastructure or create issue or email [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] for what issue, where are the lines drawn on what should go where?

Not to mention [email protected], admin, [email protected], prez, treasurer, logistics, backoffice, bookkeeper ([email protected]), ect…

A nifty email list cheat sheet would be awesome.

How are people supposed to know this if its not on the websites or on the front door that wont open because you have these issues. It’s like a catch 22. You must enter to gain the knowledge of how to fix your entrance.

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I think a FAQ physical page would be useful for this sort of thing

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Yeah thats another option. Update all these sort of questions we get all day every daily to the FAQ on the homepage.

You seem like the perfect person to do this! When can we expect to see this new flier?

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Looks like I’ve been fixed up now. Thank you, unknown Infra person! :slight_smile:


Tread lightly, You know not what you ask for @yashsedai when you ask me to make fliers around here.

You’ve been warned & reminded
Remember the last couple weeks?


Or you know, you could take some actual time, put thought into it, make it presentable and respectable?


Wait. You’re asking KEVIN to be respectable???


Yep, I know he knows how, it just requires him to concentrate a bit.

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Already working on it. Takes some time. Baby steps :slight_smile:


Agreed. We’re an all volunteer-run organization. Things take time because we have no employees.

A good signal that you may need to step up is anytime you (all of us/you in the general sense) thinks or says… “Hey, why don’t we have…?”