Molds for slip pouring

A while back I collected quite a few molds for slip pouring. I helped a young lady dispose of her collection by moving them from her house to mine. There were originally a pickup truck full of them.
I’ve already culled through them once. The only think I’ve ever made from one fo the molds was a cup.
Recently, I’ve decided I will NEVER use many of the molds and I’ve started putting them into my trash bin.

I’ve kept a few I think I might use but wondered if there were any that ceramics might find useful.
I know this is a HUGE open ended question and I know that in the past storage space was at a premium so molds are not really practical to keep at DMS. This is why I started to dispose of them. Then my wife inquired about whether there were any holiday molds and so I’ve put a few back… Angels and Santa Clause for instance.

Lastly, If you like I can take pictures of the ones remaining and post them here. Generally, though before I did I just wanted to make sure it was worth it.

There seem to be a plethora of places that give molds away for free just to get rid of them.
Here’s just one example from our recent past:

I just don’t want to store them any more. I’ve already disposed of quite a few.

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Pictures would be nice. Some of us that are into such things have our own collection.

I’ll take some pics tomorrow and post them.


Here are some pics. Some may need a little clean up and one or two of them have chips, but here’s what I have left. There are also a few little supports in the grouping. One of them is a three piece Christmas tree mold.

One of them looks like a goose and it is about 20-24 inches tall. Lots of slip.

Let me know if you want any of them or they’re all going to be disposed of on 9/6/2022 which is my next garbage pickup date.

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I’d be interested in the pumpkins!

I’ll bring them Tuesday when I come around 7PM. Should I just leave them in the ceramics area?

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I can swing by and pick it up around that time.

Ok. I’m planning to drop off some other stuff (electronics and wood) at the freebie shelf than go to my blacksmithing meeting in the northlobby classroom. Just ask for Dan. If @dryad2b wants any of them I could also probably give it to her since she’s usually in the main room.

Just let me know what you’d like for me to do.

Why don’t you bring them all? Many folks don’t read Talk. I can cycle them through the Freebie Shelf, and I’ll be responsible for tossing them if no-one wants them.

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Im interested in the christmas tree please!

I can be there tues @ 7 … i would love the tree mold please!

The current plan is to drop them all off with @dryad2b Beth. Probably around 6:30PM or so. She will definitely have them after 7PM. If you all make any of them please do post them to Talk.


Hi Beth! I should be able to get there in time, but by chance i cannot, could you pretty please hold the tree mold for me?

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Can i call dibs on the duck :eyes:

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Will do. April – you can definitely have the duck.

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May I claim the Christmas Tree mold and the fish with the seahorse molds?

Yayayayayayayayayay!!! Do you have it now…or can i pick it up tomorrow afternoon

They’ll be here Tuesday evening.

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Thank you Beth!! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

@lolorae13 already has the Christmas tree, but you can have the fish/seahorse mold.