Moisture Meter Recommendation?

Anyone have a moisture meter brand/model that they would recommend? Many Thanks!

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The one I use is made by General model MMD4E. Think it is the same one that Dan uses as well. About $32 online.

For a man of your talents you might consider one of these.

Full featured, professional grade.

Or possibly a pin-less one.

Think of this like a Dewalt vs Festool vs Mafell track saw discussion.

Might be over kill but I could be wrong. $300+ seems a little too expensive for my taste. Then again we cannot all be the consummate professional that you pretend to be. Bring yours in and all of use can use it then…

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Mm I love good moisture meters. I did a bit of research for a project with various equipment.

  • $1,700: Flir MR277 (Commercial/Industrial)
  • $400-800: Protimeter BLD5365 (Commercial/Industrial)
  • $100: Extech MO55 (Residential)
  • Under $50: General Tools MM8 or any pinless (No experience with these, but they all should work for hobby)

The Protimeter is the standard meter you will see everywhere. Combination Flirs are good, Thermal imaging devices will only accurately work when there is water movement or you introduce a temperature differential).

I used Protimeter BLD5365’s and Flir (thermal imaging requires introduction of a temperature differential - ie misting, airflow or HVAC manipulation).

The Protimeters are dead simple and accurate. They can be calibrated/certified and training takes 2 minutes in the field, but they don’t log. If your dealing with a lot of lumber you could use a FLIR MR277 (pin, pinless, and thermal imaging, hygrometer, logging, bluetooth) but that’s a bit of a stretch if it’s hobby.

Personally I love the Flir MR277 because they have an SDK readily available :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Extech is probably the best budget meter and may be used commercially. I have not personally ever seen them used commercially.

If your just trying to get an idea for lumber selection or drying, you could likely get away with a $30 General tools mm8 pinless from Amazon.

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Thank you! And you forgot the “Dubious” before talents!

Thank you Sir!

Thank you for the information! Even though I’m more of a “Buy Once, Cry Once” buyer I am strictly a hobbyist and the lower end might be better suited to my usage.