Modular Synths, anyone ever built a eurorack?

So I’ve been staring down the rabbit hole / abyss / money pit or whatever you want to call it that is MODULAR SYNTHESIS!!!

I know an addiction coming on when I see it!

Is there anything you wish you had known before diving into the hobby?

Right now I’m sketching up ideas for a case.
I have considered building a power supply after that, but maybe it’s worth it to actually shell out for a pre-built one?

I’m really good at putting kits together, and want my rig to be as DIY as possible (within reason) so if anyone has recommendations for a site that sells PCBs along with documentation please let me know!

hey bud. i’m into eurorack and just looking for like minded people in dallas to nerd out and chat about all things modular related. hit me up on here or [email protected]

Any updates on your project? I’d be interested in see your schematic for a power supply/case.

I’m heading down the same rabbit hole.

I got these power back planes for my case. ( Still working on the case design. )