Modification of the Standing rules respecting Committees


Modification of the Standing rules respecting Committees (Brian Davis)

Problem: Committees serve a very critical function within DMS. They operate and maintain our shops, are the source of many instructors, and are the primary initial contact and recruitment point for Volunteers. As such, maintaining healthy and vigorous Committees is vitally important to DMS. Currently, many Chairs are failing to call regular meetings, and largely ignoring the “Committee” aspect of their duties. This must stop.

Solution: Adopt the following rules, replacing the existing Committee rules in their entirety


Committees are voluntary groups, formed in order to operate and maintain an area of the Makerspace, foster growth of a community of interested persons, or accomplish certain needs, subject to the oversight of the Board of Directors.


  1. At least 5 members are required to form a committee.
  2. There is no limit to the number of committees a member can serve on.
  3. If the number of committee members drops below 5, the committee will have a grace period of 30 days in order to recruit enough members to remain active.
  4. Committees shall hold meetings monthly.

Committee Leadership
Each Committee shall elect, at minimum, the following officers: Committee Chair, Vice Chair

Duties of the Committee Chair:

  1. The principle duty of the Chair is the recruitment of Committee members, and organization of volunteer activities needed to operate and maintain the Committee resources.
  2. Responsible for operations of the committee, providing reports on the status and activities of the committee at the monthly membership meeting, and managing the finances of the committee. This will include reviewing financial transactions attributed to their committee and working with the Treasurer or Accountant to correct any errors.
  3. Maintaining the safety of the Committee area, including ensuring the safe operation of all tooling.
  4. Maintaining good order of committee area and resources, ensuring adequate supplies of consumable items are maintained.
  5. Enforcing the rules established by the committee, and of the Dallas Makerspace within their area.
  6. Maintain an accurate inventory of all Tools in the format provided by the Board.

Duties of the Vice-Chair

  1. Assist the Chair, as determined by the Chair or by the Committee at large
  2. Provide oversight and supervision of the Committee area when Chair is not present
  3. Serve as Interim Chair when:
  • The Chair is not available due to vacation or illness
  • Has resigned or been removed by the Board

Committee Responsibilities and Rules


  1. The Committee Chair may make purchases of supplies and/or tooling without Committee vote, for purchases in amounts less than $500, or 1/3 of the Committees total fund balance, whichever is smaller.
  2. Purchases for items exceeding $500 require a majority vote of the Committee at the next regularly scheduled Committee meeting, or at a duly called emergency meeting.
  3. The Chair/Vice Chair may exceed the $500 limit to effect repairs of highly utilized tooling.
  4. Committees are responsible for establishing the rules of the Committee area.


  1. The Chair/Vice-Chair shall be empowered to enforce the rules of the Committee, and of the Dallas Makerspace within the Committee area, and may limit a member’s access to the Committee area for a time not to exceed two weeks for violations. The Chair may petition the Board to enforce a longer or more stringent consequence.
  2. Committee meetings must be posted on the calendar and announced on the forums.
  3. Meetings at which officers are elected must be posted 2 weeks prior to meeting.
  4. The Chair may hold an emergency Committee meeting with 5 days notice on the forums of DMS, and on signs conspicuously posted in the committee area, provided a good faith effort to notify all current committee members is performed, and that the time of the meeting is not unreasonably restrictive on the members.
  5. Committees may establish other positions as needed to ensure the effective operation of the committee, or to accomplish Committee goals. Ad Hoc positions with spending authority, or administrative access to DMS resources, require the approval of the Board.
  6. The Committee will maintain a page on the wiki with at least the following information:
  7. The name of the committee Chair and Vice Chair
  8. A list of all active members
  9. A brief statement listing the goals or tasks assigned to the committee.
  10. The minutes and agendas of Committee meetings.

Relevance: Strong, healthy committees are vital to the operation and success of DMS.